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Our History

Photo of Cameron's original board members'

Our organization was established on March 29, 1892 as the Farmers Mutual Tornado, Cyclone and Windstorm Association of the Third Congressional District at Darlington in Gentry County, Missouri. Meetings were later held in Stanberry, Missouri, but due to transportation difficulties, the Home Office of the Company was moved to Cameron in 1902. In January, 1907, the name of the Company was shortened to State Farmers Mutual Tornado Insurance Company of Missouri, and the charter was amended to include the entire State of Missouri in answer to groups of farmers from counties outside the Third Congressional District seeking insurance coverage.

In order to better serve the insurance needs of its policyholders, the Company became authorized to write casualty insurance, and the first automobile policy was written in 1959.

As the Company continued to expand, a need for more office space was recognized, and in March, 1965, the Company moved into its new home office building at 214 McElwain Drive, Cameron, Missouri. To keep pace with the Company’s continued growth, two additions have been made to the original building.

The Company had become widely known as “The Cameron Insurance Company” throughout the State of Missouri and as the writings of the Company continued to expand, the policyholders voted in 1968 to change the name to Cameron Mutual Insurance Company.

In order to spread the company’s risk over a wider geographical area and to enable product expansion, the Company reorganized under Chapter 379 RSMo as a general writing company in 1984. The company currently writes business in Missouri, Arkansas and Iowa.

Cameron Mutual Insurance Company has a branch claims office located in Springfield, Missouri.