Prepare for Storm Season

5 Steps to Prepare Your Home for Storm Season

Photo of lightning

Storm season is upon us, and it is important for you and your home to be prepared. Severe weather impacts those in Cameron Mutual’s operating area significantly in these summer months. Take these 5 steps to make sure you are ready to weather the storm.

1. Create an emergency plan. Create plans for all types of severe weather like thunderstorms, tornadoes, flooding, and earthquakes. Communicate and practice the emergency plans with all household members.

2. Create home inventory. Make a document of all belongings in the home (with photos). This information will make a claim easier for everyone if a loss occurs.

3. Prepare your home. Clean the gutters, trim trees around the roof, and secure heavy furniture around your house. These simple measures can help save your home from damage in a severe storm.

4. Keep informed about the weather in your area. Knowing when a possible storm is coming can help you prepare to be as safe as possible for you and your home.

5. Review your home and auto insurance policies. Contact your independent agent to learn more about your policy. Make sure that you are familiar with the coverage you have, and if you will need extra protection for your belongings.