Billing Options

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Account Bill

When you have more than one policy with Cameron Mutual Insurance Company, you may combine all your policies on one account.

  • Select the date you want your billing due, to accommodate pay cycles.
  • Contact your agent to set up the Account Bill option, or our Help Desk, to change your billing date.
  • Please note: Late fees and reinstatement fees are per policy. This means there could be more than one late fee or more than one reinstate fee on account bill.

E-Z Pay

Our E-Z Pay billing program allows you to pay your premium in convenient and flexible terms. You will be billed the premium charge plus a premium installment charge ($6.00). You may pay the minimum due, or to avoid future installment charges, you may pay any amount up to the full total balance amount.

  • Invoices are sent 20 days prior to the due date. No invoice will be sent if the balance on your account is less than $6.00.
  • Renewal declarations are sent prior to your renewal and are mailed separately from the invoice.

Billing Fees

Fees can add up quickly. Keep your insurance costs down by keeping the following charges in mind:

Premium Installment Charge$6 per invoice
Late Fee$25 per policy
Reinstatement Fee$25 per policy
Insufficient Fund Fee$25 per invoice
EFT Installment Charge$1 per invoice