Every day when you get behind the wheel, when you work at your business, or when you make a major investment in your home, business, or farm, you expose yourself to the chance something could go wrong.

To protect their investments and livelihood, policyholders transfer the risk of loss to the insurance company. In exchange for premium paid for the policy, a policyholder receives a promise to pay claims. Insurance policies vary by types of coverages offered, limits offered, and conditions and exclusions applying. Your independent insurance agent is your local insurance professional who can offer you guidance and counsel in choosing adequate and proper coverage for your specific needs.

Cameron Mutual Insurance Company is a multi-line property and casualty company, which means we offer a wide range of insurance policies for your personal, commercial, and farm needs. Because we are a mutual insurance company that chooses to work with independent agents in small and large communities, we believe there is value in working with policyholders to provide most, if not all, of their insurance needs. We offer several multi-policy discounts to make that even more attractive to the consumer.

Remember, as you shop for insurance, or as you consider the many options available to you as an insurance consumer, you are paying for the promise your insurance company will be there for you in your time of need.

Cameron Mutual Insurance Company has provided insurance protection since 1892. As we have for over a century, our claims staff and agency force will be providing the added value of Personal Service from People Who Care™.